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Back to School Empowered

Image: Yan Krukau

By now many of our kids have started their 2023-24 school year. Whether you had your first send off at the bus stop with your kindergartener who was just a little baby you were rocking, or are sending off your teenager and wondering when they became an adult, changes are all around!

For some helpful products, tips, and reminders, we’ve compiled some of our best Back to School content with updated links and information.  So pick up those last minute sustainable school supplies, have some important talks about first day jitters, and consider ways to supplement academics with some inspiring creation care ideas.  

And best of luck for 2023-24!

Sustainability for the New Year

Whether it’s school supplies, uniforms, or a new wardrobe that fits a growing child, here are a few resources to keep the impact on the planet as small as possible!  

Revamp your kid’s wardrobe with some of these purchases, or consider swapping out uniforms or getting hand-me-downs from neighbors. 

So many companies – large and small – have options to keep school supplies natural, organic, and sustainable.  Pick up some of these products for a fun, colorful, and mindful desk!

First Day and New Year Jitters

Change is hard, whether your crew is five or fifteen.  The summer has wound down, and now everything is new again. Read on from some of our experts on ways to help calm fears, consider the eternal perspective, and care for our families during transition. 

While we are thankfully no longer dealing with pandemic schooling, so many of the fears and changes are still prevalent starting a new year.  Hear from an expert on quelling fears and ways to support our students. 

Never underestimate the power of a non-parent voice into your student’s life! A break with grandma or grandpa, a trusted neighbor or friend, and connection with other adults can bring life and stability (and more love!) to your child.  Check out one of our favorite examples of building intergenerational support here.  

Image: Andrea Piaquadio

Academics and Curriculum

There are so many emerging and wonderful ways to either create or supplement curriculum at home.  Whether you are doing the work of homeschooling, or you want to add a little extra “oomph” to your kid’s lessons, there are so many ways to work in creation care, lessons on faith, and ways to increase your student’s hands-on outdoor learning time.  

Hopefully your kids had a chance to explore the outdoors, get a little too sweaty, and do some good over their summer.  But don’t stop there! Even though the break is over, these ideas for sustainable activities can easily be transitioned into after school hours, weekends, or school club ideas such as this School’s Agriculture Program Goes That Beyond the Classroom

No matter the age of your students, food is a big part of life.  Breakfast and getting it in before leaving, the ever-changing tastes and accommodations for school lunches, and then the snacks.  Oh, all the snacks.  Use your meal times during these busier times of the year to invite others in, slow the chaos in your home, and dive into the Lord’s work. 

Get outside and go explore! Summer break may be over but the weather is still nice, and even activities like going to the zoo can be educational.  Create a scavenger hunt, or listen to an audio tour, or incorporate a library trip afterward to get books on your favorite animals – all to learn about God’s creation. 

Adding in new curricula may seem daunting, but organizations like Biologos and others have made it far simpler for those of us that want to add in some STEM or creation-minded materials.  

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