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Verification and fact-checking 

Consensus Digital content producers have primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their content. Stories are subject to review by one or more editors. The publication has a multi-level structure for the review and editing of stories that may include fact-checking. Editors may be involved in the presentation of stories, headlines, news alerts, and newsletter content. 

As part of the verification and fact-checking process, content producers and editors must review and verify that content has been cleared for any required licenses, including video, photography, and audio. Should either the content producer or editors have any doubt as to the ability of any form of content to be legally used, they must consult the Publisher.  

As a general principal, Consensus Digital Media does not accept unsolicited content. In rare cases where unsolicited work may be considered, editors will work with the submitting party to ensure content is verifiable, accurate, and legally cleared for use. In these cases, Editors and Publishers will work with counsel to minimize any risks to Consensus Digital Media. 

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