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Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Back to school shopping is here!  Whether your kids will be in school or you’re schooling at home this year, school supplies are essential!  One thing is for certain, everyone will need to be more organized this year, that’s for sure!  So, I’ve put together a list of potentially earthy-friendly supplies in preparation for your school shopping fun.

Earth Friendly Supplies 

Is it possible to find all earth-friendly school supplies (and is it possible you’ll be just as excited about a new set of crayons as your kids)? Yes (to both)!  However, let’s look beyond just the typical recycled paper this year, and consider additional, unique earth-friendly products–like an awesome pencil can grow into a plant!

Here are a few other earth friendly options outside of your classic brands! 

Best For | Crayons and Bath Crayons

Products | Art Supplies

Ships To | US 

Price Range | $15–$25


Worry less with Honeystick beeswax crayons in your home.  While they’re not edible, they are made of 100% natural and non-toxic food grade ingredients.  The natural beeswax gives this sustainable handmade product a natural honey scent as a bonus!  These wrote well and gave off a great color.  The chunky crayons are great for smaller hands.

Best For | Dustless toxic-free chalk

Products | Chalk and reusable drawing boards

Ships To | International

Price Range | $12-$30

Jaq Jaq Bird

If you’re schooling at home you’ve probably thought about a chalkboard but don’t want the dust.  Enter in dustless chalk! It’s a thing you’ll love thanks to Jaq Jaq Bird.! The Butterstix writes like, you guessed it, butter!  Other favorites are the reusable and erasable paper or there’s the doodle and go erasable mats.  There’s a lot more to love from this company than just the Butterstix!

Best For | Dry-Erase Magnetic Pockets

Products | School, Home and Office Supplies

Ships To | US & Canada, Amazon

Price Range | $16


Reduce the amount of papers you print by using these great oversized magnetic dry-erase pockets.  Kids can practice handwriting over and over again and you’ll love it for things like chore charts too.  No laminator necessary when you have these on hand!  The magnetic function means it can house artwork on a rotating basis on the refrigerator too!

Best For | Less Paper use!

Products | Dry erase notes, tiles and tablets

Ships To | US & Canada, Amazon

Price Range | $20–$60 


Are you still buying paper notes? If you like the idea of hand written notes, we love this eco-friendly option of dry erase sticky notes from mcSquares.  Partnering with Trees for the Future a tree is planted for each Homework Kit sold but I think you’ll like more than just that kit.  From notes for your desk, to personal desktop mats for jotting down larger ideas, or math problems, there’s no turning back once you’ve tried these guys!

Laura Sears is a writer and blogger, recently adding the title of homeschooling Mom to three sons in Virginia. Follow along for encouragement, their latest adventures and recipes over at @lbsgoodspoon on Instagram or her blog

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