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Top Motivating Podcasts for Men

Photo: Aaron Burden

There are two staples to my daily routine that I simply cannot go without; the first of which is a massive cup of coffee in the morning (I have a feeling you can relate) and the second is a riveting podcast. The beauty of podcasts is that they are diverse and can fit into any time of my day. 

Podcasts are my favorite way to learn something new. And thankfully, there are endless options out there to explore and listen to. With countless podcasts at our fingertips, it is easy to find great conversations on your favorite topics. While I love a wide variety of podcasts that fit my expanding interests, I find myself gravitating towards audio which gets me motivated and ready to check off my daily goal of learning something new. 

Here are five incredible podcasts to keep you entertained and motivated:

 The Tim Ferris Show

A must-listen-to and one that I think you will really enjoy. Bestselling author Tim Ferris interviews some of the world’s most successful people to see what makes them tick. His guests include people from all walks of life, ranging from pro athletes to investment professionals. The one thing that connects all of them? They are some of the best at their craft and sit down to discuss with Tim the many peaks and valleys of their journeys to the top. Be sure to check the Tim Ferris Show out for hundreds of enlightening conversations with the world’s greatest success stories.  

Dad Tired

Hosted by Jerrad Lopes, “Dad Tired” is a one-stop-shop for all things related to being a man of God and the leader of your household. Jerrad centers his discussions around common hurdles many men must overcome, and offers practical advice for those struggling to take the next step in their faith journey. He also sits down with people like former NFL coach Tony Dungy and bestselling author John Eldredge to examine the paths they have taken and how they keep God at the center of their lives. No matter your age or season in life, this podcast is applicable to men in their pursuit of a Christian lifestyle.  


Get ready to transform your understanding of what it means to be “healthy.” Host Ryan Flaherty is the Senior Director of Sports Performance at Nike and an expert on maximizing athletic potential. Covering everything from lifting weights to sleep and recovery, Ryan dives deep into the concept of holistic fitness, sitting down with some of the top experts in the field to talk about the many aspects of human performance. Focusing on more than just the visible traits of strength and endurance, Ryan and his guests go deep on the many factors of living a “clean” lifestyle and ways in which you can maximize your body’s potential. This podcast is for anyone wanting to build healthy habits for a lifetime.    

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Don’t have an hour, but still want to learn something new? This podcast is the perfect filler for those small pockets in your day! In the “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” world-renowned pastor and author Andy Stanley provides listeners with advice on leadership and how you can truly go further in life. I love this podcast for times when I’m on the move and really just need a quick pick me up. It is full of leadership advice and Andy is sure to leave you motivated to tackle all your tasks for the day. 

The WAG Podcast 

Another great podcast for self-improvement, “The WAG Podcast” provides listeners with unique perspectives on all things related to wellness. Hosted by couple Michael and Adee Cazayoux, this podcast aims to connect the dots between the many facets of wellness, from nutrition to mindset and stress. The two collaborate with like-minded guests, providing listeners with actionable steps to get started on right away. This podcast is perfect for anyone interested in learning how wellness, relationships, and mindset are all interconnected in living a healthy, abundant life.

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