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This Playful Product Puts the “Oh” in Soap

The Big Three. Photo Courtesy of Sohp Shop

Life is full of surprises, and now your soap can be too. Sohp Shop was dreamed up by a kid  – for kids –  and inspired by the idea that chores don’t have to be boring. Lilly and her brother Fletcher sold her first batch of soaps from a lemonade stand in their yard. Using small toys scattered around the house, Lilly hid a little present in each bar of soap and kids loved it. “I was amazed at the idea and that I had never seen it before,” Chassity Evans, mother and CEO of Sohp Shop, shared with Garden & Health. “At that time they were both really into those little surprise bath bombs that are so popular, and to see them take that surprise concept and use it in hand soap to encourage kids to wash their hands was just very innovative and thoughtful!” With scents like Unicorn, Ninja, and Fortune, Sohp Shop makes washing your hands fun, and less germs is good for everyone. 

Lilly, the founder of Sohp Shop, balances work and play.  Photo Courtesy of Sohp Shop

What do Ninjas smell like? Sage and bamboo of course! Each bar of soap is handmade, with clean ingredients. The soap is free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, so it’s safe to use on even the youngest faces. Each bar contains a tiny toy that encourages kids to wash their hands thoroughly because the faster they use the soap the sooner they get to play. Although Lilly doesn’t make them all anymore (she has school after all), Sohp’s products are handcrafted with care and attention to quality. “We partnered with a studio here in Charleston to help us formulate and produce a safe and handmade product,” said Evans. “We knew we needed a consistent, quality product!”

The soap’s hidden surprise will keep your kids scrubbing to see what’s inside. Photo courtesy of Sohp Shop

These days everyone is paying close attention to the way they wash their hands. How many times can you sing Happy Birthday in your head? And these days it’s doubly important to ensure kids are not only scrubbing up often but thoroughly.  “Handwashing should be fun, and our soap encourages kids to not only wash their hands but to wash for longer,” Evans shared with Charleston Magazine. Parents know that a new toy is a great motivator for even the most stubborn children, and Lilly is busy dreaming up new scents with even more hidden surprises. “Lilly and Fletcher are both still involved in the business, but only as much as they want to be,” Evans shared. “They both love staying updated on the business,  helping with social media content, and brainstorming new product ideas!”

Everyone could use a little good, clean fun. Photo courtesy of Sohp Shop

Sohp Shop ships all over the United States, and their packaging is 100% recyclable. “There are so many ways to incorporate recyclable packaging that it was not only the responsible decision but also the easy decision,” shared Evans. “We grappled over the need for a plastic wrap around the soap balls  since glycerine soap naturally sweats, but ultimately decided that a little “dew” is far better than extra plastic.” You can purchase a pack of all three scents, three of your favorite, or a “my kids go to a lot of birthday parties” variety pack. With ingredients like rainbow dust and luck, Sohp Shop is all about good clean fun. 

Lilly (Left), Fletcher, Lilly, and Chassity with Lilly. Photo Courtesy of Sohp Shop

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