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Top Life-Giving Podcasts for Women

Time is a precious commodity. I carve out time for myself by putting on my headphones. The headphones are a signal that for the next 15, 30, or 60 minutes, this time is just for me. And I’ve become super picky about what I listen to for those moments. When it’s not music, I enjoy a podcast. But not just any podcast – I look for ones that leave me feeling refreshed, inspired, and entertained.

For me, the best podcasts feel like a cup of coffee — Listen in, drink up, wake up!

Like most things, just about everyone is creating a podcast these days, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. Who should I listen to? Which episode? 

I’ve been a podcast fan for a while now. I love the conversations, the helpful tips, and the things I learn. When it’s just me and my earbuds and I’m facing down a workout or more likely, a sink full of dirty dishes, here’s what I cue up: 

Risen Motherhood

When I need truth I go to the Bible, and that is why I love “gospel hope for Moms” from sisters-in-law Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler. They discuss the gospel in each episode in a fresh new way that reminds me of my greater calling and purpose here on Earth. I welcome their suggestions, and if you’re a mom I think you’ll love this one too.

The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman 

No longer have a long commute to work but need a few minutes to refresh? I love this podcast when I’m short on time or have a quick drive home from the store. Most episodes are under 15 minutes, many under 10. However, Emily is never short on thoughtfulness and these episodes will leave you feeling more mindful as you pursue the rest of your day. I recently listened to an episode where she highlighted how some of our best thoughts come while we’re in the shower and guess what? I had a lightbulb moment the next day in the shower!

The Balanced Life Podcast with Robin Long

I’m a longtime fan of The Balanced Life and Robin’s pilates routines. Her podcast is a great representation of her approach to living a balanced and intentional life. Robin understands how hard it is to juggle all that can be thrown at you, and she takes an honest approach to life in each episode. This is a great one when I need to be reminded to get my body moving more and how good intentions and rhythms are for mindfulness.

The Lazy Genius.  

A new favorite! Kendra wants us to focus on what matters most and forget about the rest — or in her words, “be lazy” about it. That’s a motto I can get behind. Her episode “How to Start a Hobby” had me thinking, especially with the holidays around the corner. I’m not saying I’m adding one more thing to my plate right now, but it did have me wondering about what could go and what I could focus on more. Her episodes also come in smaller, consumable chunks of around 20 minutes or so.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This show takes a deep dive into some familiar companies and looks at how they got started. I love that in the age of the internet we don’t have to wonder or wait for a history book, there’s a podcast that can explain it. This podcast is great when you need the encouragement to keep pressing on. After all, many have come before you and have also encountered similar challenges — this is a great reminder that your hard work will pay off. Keep going and be inspired!

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