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Greening Up Your St. Paddy’s Day

Until doing a bit of research, I didn’t know the real meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day. Embarrassingly, the limit of my knowledge was fun green décor as winter turns the corner to spring, and for that green beer with friends at the local Irish pub.  If you want to read up on how we came to celebrate this holiday and the way it is intertwined with Christianity and martyrdom, it is well worth the time.  

Celebrations in America take on a fun, casual, early spring feel and the day usually serves as a way to engage our families with activities, social events with neighbors, and maybe a fun meal.  Add some fun ways to “be green” without putting on that leprechaun costume to your day, in your home and neighborhood! 

A Greener Clean

Irish or not, our homes with these hurds of kids running in and out of the house and yards, bringing in dirt and sticky fingers into our kitchens and floors are a joyful reminder of what we’ve been given.  But that dirt? That sticky… whatever that is?  It’s gotta go.  Use our Root & Vine guide to greener cleaning products to maintain a clean home while ensuring the safety and efficacy of the products being used.  

Corned Beef & “Ewww, Mom”

Make ahead potato pancakes. Image: Peanut Blossom “10 St. Patrick’s Day Dinners Ideas for Kids.” 

Let’s face it, even the most Irish of our kids may turn up their nose at the idea of the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.  You know the look – the one when you put the plates on the table and the kids look at the plate… look at you… look at the plate… 

Make this St. Patty’s Day a dinnertime win by kid-izing the meal with Peanut Blossom’s 10 ideas for creative – but still traditionally Irish – ways to serve a celebratory meal.  

Potato pancakes for the win in this house! 

Look Around You

As the story goes, St. Patrick used the three leaves of a picked clover to explain the three parts of the Holy Trinity.  Get outside this almost-spring day and see how God has provided for us an understanding of his love, his intentions, and his care through creation.

Find a three (or four if you’re lucky) leaf clover and contemplate what an intricate design it is.  What are three things you’re thankful for?  Do you have three prayers and petitions to ask of our Creator?  

Recently, we contemplated just how much God shows us he cares for us by understanding the complexities – yet perfection – in how seeds are produced, sown, grow, and produce for us.  Can you find a budding flower in these mid-March gardens on your walk?  An early tulip or daffodil with its vibrant center where we see the beginnings of next season’s beauty?  Can you see how if God has a plan for the seeds in the seedlings in the center of a daffodil, he must have a good plan for you too, not just for next year, but for your life? 

Take a note from St. Patrick himself, find an example in nature to spur on your own or your family’s faith and understanding of the Gospel. 

Celebrate At Home – With or Without the Bubbles

This year St. Patty’s Day falls right in the middle of the week – not exactly the easiest time to grab a green brew out on the town.  Stay close to home and keep those bedtime routines intact by celebrating at home – with or without the alcohol! 

Bring kids into the party with this yummy pear and thyme spritzer.  Easy to make, this pretty treat boasts quite a few shades of green!  And if you’re anything like me, you may need to take this mock-tail into real cocktail land by the end of a busy day.  In that case, swap out The Merry Thoughts sparkling mineral water for some champagne or prosecco for an adult treat!

Pear & Thyme Spritzer

  • 2 tbsp pear puree
  • 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp orange dry
  • 1 tsp thyme simple syrup (see instructions below)
  • Crushed ice
  • Sparkling mineral water
Pear & Thyme Spritzer. Image: The Merry Thought “3 Saint Patrick’s Day Mocktails.” 

Help for Non-Green Thumbs

Take a page out of Garden & Health’s plant advice and find an indoor option for your home.  Plants clean the air and have so many benefits depending on which you choose. For every kid boo-boo in our house, we break off a piece of aloe and use it directly on the scrape!

Grab a succulent, snake plant, or even a sweet floral and plant it this St. Patrick’s day.  Document it on your social media and see where you are next March 17th – hey, tag us so we can see the progress! 

Image: Holden Rhodes

Do this on your own or as a family friendly activity and watch what happens to your St. Patty’s plant friend throughout the year by adding some actual green to your home! 

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