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At Paradise Energy Solutions, Stewardship Matters

Watertown, NY dairy farm installation offset roughly 50% of the electricity used to run the milking facility

Back in 2009, Tim, Marcus, Matthew, and Jason Beiler were running a stonemason business near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. One day, they were doing some work for a local Republican politician. One of the brothers asked him, “What kind of a business would you get into if you were starting a business for the future?” The politician told him solar. 

The brothers went online, bought a kit, and installed their first solar system on their father’s chicken house roof. Paradise Energy Solutions was born.

When the four brothers started Paradise Energy Solutions, they wanted to build a company that would help people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources, both financial and environmental. The Beiler brothers grew up in the Amish Mennonite tradition with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to use whatever resources they earned together in their business to support the mission work of one of the brothers, whatever and whoever that might be. Shortly after they began Paradise Solar in 2009, Marcus left for Romania to run an orphanage for a while. 

The company has grown, from four brothers to just over 100 employees today. All four brothers have since moved on to focus their attention on other ventures, allowing their growing team at Paradise to take the reins and run.

The current CEO, Dale Good, came to Paradise after a 37-year career in mining and construction, where environmentalists weren’t always the most welcome guests. Sometime in 2008, the company Good was working for formed an energy conservation committee and hired Paradise Energy Solutions to help them out. Little did he know that seven years later, he would come on board as the company’s CEO. 

Right about the time the ground was shifting in Good’s career, the brothers at Paradise were making plans to step out of management. Good got the call on Valentine’s Day that his business was downsizing and his position was being eliminated. Two days later, he got a call from Paradise to have lunch, and two weeks later, he started his new job. According to Good, it was definitely a God moment.

Image: Paradise Energy Solutions Facebook June 21, 2017.

Good has been in the driver’s seat at Paradise now since 2015, taking the place of the youngest brother, who is now starting a wireless broadband company for rural America.

“The brothers have a real entrepreneurial spirit and love to start things,” Good shared. “They love to let people run.”

A Company Built on a Foundation of Core Values

Paradise Energy Solutions currently serves eight states: Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The company builds upon their reputation and prefers to take the long-view of business, being honest with clients and emphasizing the value of solar for the good of the environment over the money-saving aspects of solar energy.

Paradise’s core values—faith, innovation, teamwork, stewardship, and integrity—don’t say anything about solar, the very thing they sell. This appealed to Good when he came on board. 

“They help people be good stewards of resources,” Good said. “I’m not a climate scientist so I’m not going to get into that argument, although I read and listen to what they have to say. I always tell people I’d rather sit by a solar panel than the tailpipe of the car. There’s just some common sense about it, even though energy has been a hot topic for many years.”

Image: Paradise Energy Solutions Facebook June 15, 2017.

The founding brothers of Paradise Energy Solutions wanted to build an organization that would be a great place for people to work. They’ve been recognized for several years as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania, and the company has strong Google reviews as well. Faith and the company’s core values come up over and over again.

“It’s part of who we are,” said Good.

The concept of being good stewards of our resources resonates with many people of faith, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. It is the first job given to man in the garden of Eden, and all Christians embrace the responsibility of stewardship; solar energy is yet another way to practice good stewardship. Good prefers to avoid the political debates and thinks it would be best if we all did the same, especially Christians.

“I think politics in general is divisive—it’s disappointing to me that people tend to lump all the issues together. That’s not reality,” said Good. “My wife and I have been married for 42 years, and we don’t agree on everything. I think there needs to be a more civil discourse in our day. We aren’t going to be in lock step with any political party or secular organization; Jesus certainly wasn’t.”

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