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The Season of Creation Is Here!

Image: Baskin Creative Studios

The Season of Creation runs from September 1 through October 4. The theme for this year is “Let Justice and Peace Flow,” from the words of the Prophet Amos, “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24).

Amos calls us to join the river of justice and peace, take up climate and ecological justice, and speak out with and for communities most impacted by climate injustice and the loss of biodiversity.

It will take all of us around the world to work on behalf of Creation, and together, we will become that mighty river of peace and justice.

There are many ways you can join others across the globe to celebrate the Season of Creation in your own neck of the woods.

Get Outdoors

In my backyard in Ohio, September is one of the most beautiful months to be outside. The air is dry, the temperatures are comfortable, and the forests are just beginning their slow metamorphosis from vibrant greens to the warm palette of autumn. 

One of the most lasting impacts you can make on the future of God’s creation is to experience the beauty and wonder of nature and to instill that same love and joy in the hearts of the next generation. If you do nothing else in this Season of Creation, take a child to the woods, to a lake, to a meadow, to a mountain, to a river… anywhere, really, and give them some hours to squat down and look up at the wondrous world God gave us.


Never underestimate the power of prayer to move our spirit and the Spirit of God in the body of believers to action. 

To kick off the Season of Creation, join others from countries all over the world in the Season of Creation Global Ecumenical Online Prayer Service on September 1. You can register for this event on Zoom.

You don’t have to participate in a Zoom call to join your heart with other believers from all over the world. There are other ways you can be praying for climate justice. It isn’t just our individual hearts and actions that need to be moved; we also need justice and righteousness to reign in the hearts of our political leaders for change to happen all around the globe. Pray individually, with your family, or with a larger group for the people in power to act justly when it comes to climate action. You can share your prayers with COP28 negotiators and political leaders by sending a message on social media using the hashtags #PrayingForYou #COP28 #SeasonOfCreation.

If you are feeling inspired, why not gather a group of people together for a prayer service? Even better, choose a location that has been impacted in some way by climate change in your community, and take photos and stories down that you can share with your government leaders.

Image Courtesy of Seasons of Creation


The Season of Creation came out of the Laudato Si’, the encyclical by Pope Francis to care for the natural environment and all people. In honor of the Season of Creation, you could take a deep dive into all of the content from the Pope on this subject in the full 184-page encyclical letter… or read this overview of the Laudato Si’

Pope Francis also released a recent letter about the 2023 Season of Creation that sheds fresh light on pressing issues and concerns regarding the environment as well as the theme for this year’s Season of Creation.


If you are a church leader looking for resources for your congregation, you can download this liturgy for the Season of Creation and use some or all of the material to enhance your teaching and preaching this month.

You could even hold your worship service outside, to give thanks to God together in a beautiful, natural setting, with the singing trees and whispering grasses. If you choose a location that has experienced environmental degradation, you can focus your message on confessing environmental sins, and lamenting the voices of our fellow creatures who have been lost. This could also be a time to commit to actions of restoration and healing.


Connect with other local Christian communities to host special events, prayer services, or service projects that incorporate the people in your community who are working for social justice, peace-building, or the rights of rivers. 

How beautiful it is when different local church communities come together with one heart and one mind to demonstrate the peace, love, and unity of Christ!


More resources are always needed to complete the good work of creation care. Take up a collection in your community to support an issue or a cause for the betterment of creation.


Many traditions view St. Francis as an inspiration and guide for those who protect creation. The last day in the Season of Creation is October 4, which is also St. Francis’ feast day. Join other believers around the world in celebrating the close of the Season of Creation through a global prayer event October 4. 

Or hold a feast and celebration in your local community to celebrate this beautiful season! Choose seasonal produce, connect with local farmers’ markets, and make sustainable choices that honor creation in every detail of your celebration.


Invite all of the people connected to your local community to spread the word about any events you are having to celebrate the Season of Creation. People who are passionate about creation care can spread their love and joy to others by shouting from the virtual rooftops of social media.

And when you are done with all of your creation care activities, share how you celebrated the Season of Creation again, on social media and with the wider world of believers, by visiting the Laudato Si’ Movement’s Season of Creation website.  

Let peace and justice flow like a river this September!

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