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Tablet to Table: A Well-Seasoned Faith

If you’ve had a meal that tasted bland, then you know about the power of salt.  Even an amateur cook can serve something up that tastes delicious if the dish is seasoned well.  As we explore our faith and its intersection with food, we’d be remiss to skip over what God says about salt. You may be surprised to learn, in fact, that He says a lot!  We know we need it in cooking, but what is this tableside staple’s role in our faith life?

In Matthew 5:3 Jesus tells believers, “You are the salt of the earth.”  Bland food is easily discarded. If we are salt, that means we are intended to have a taste and be well seasoned, and something that tastes good has us coming back for more.  

How salty is your faith right now?  While it sounds like a silly question, it’s one worth considering!  Are you attracted to others’ faith because of its saltiness?  What would help improve the flavor of your own faith?  Perhaps spending more time immersing yourself in the Bible, learning more from your pastor, or fellowshipping with other believers could guide you along your path.  

If Christ calls us the salt of the world, we’re to help season it.  Our faith is not to be lived in secret, but shared and sprinkled out for others!

In Biblical times, salt was considered a rare and precious commodity.  Wages and barters were even paid with salt!  What’s more, the Latin word “salarium” is how we ended up with our word salary!  We know salt helps water boil faster and is also used to help ice cream freeze faster when a saltwater slush is created around the ice cream base.  We also know salt is a universal  disinfectant and is used to help cure meat and leather.  The list goes on! 

Leviticus 2:13 says “Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings.”  Salt was as necessary then as it is today.  Without it, an offering didn’t have value.  What value then must Christ put on us by calling believers the salt of the earth?!

Have you tried magic salt in your home? That’s what our kids call Maldon Salt!  Found in most grocery stores or online, this flaky sea salt can be used to have some fun with salt.  I hope you’ve expanded your pantry from table to kosher salt by now, but if you haven’t, then consider  adding kosher and Maldon salt to your kitchen soon!

Try salt (in moderation of course) on eggs and brownies. Try it on steak and salmon.  

Most importantly, think about how you are the salt of the earth!  Are you sharing your faith with others?  Where are you being used as a seasoning?  If your faith is lacking flavor, go ask that you become salty.  Ask that you be used and ask that others keep coming back for more, not more of you, but for the flavor that you emit through worshipping Christ.

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