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Sustainable Snacking Options

Bearer of snacks, provider of bars, all around snack dealer! This feels like my title most days! Our family is becoming a more conscious buyer and supporting companies with a great mission while helping the planet. These products are well loved for more reasons than their ability to satisfy our bellies.

  1.  Quinn brand of Popcorn is elevated popcorn at its finest. No chemical or plastic coatings on the bag and a fun opportunity to mix in the oil and the flavor then shake up your snack. This popcorn is approved by kids, especially the White Cheddar and Sea Salt flavor, though we prefer the Aged Parmesan and Rosemary with a glass of red wine once the kids are in bed. Quinn was started by a Mom and offers a Farm-to-Bag policy so you can see where the ingredients come from all on their site too!
  1. This Saves Lives bars had my kids oblivious to the fact that each bar was a combined serving of fruits and veggies! Co-Founder Actress Kristen Bell knows how to satisfy our tummies and make us feel good too knowing each box we purchase sends food to someone in need! The kid bars, including our favorite, the Chocolate Chip “Dino” Mite bar, are gluten free and school safe! Personally, I loved the Madagascar Vanilla Almond and Honey bar!
  1. What started as mother-daughter baking in Boulder, Colorado, Bobo bars can now be found at most local grocers. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip was a hit but our family favorite is the Coconut Bar. Purchasing a Bobo bar means you’re helping a ton of great causes from Habitat for Humanity to Conscious Alliance, a national nonprofit organization committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment.
  1. At Nature’s Path they say, “you’re not just eating breakfast, you’re joining a movement.” Proud of the Regenerative Organic Certification that their oats have received, you’ll enjoy your breakfast knowing that the oats have grown in organic soil that has the ability to capture more carbon from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Beyond the oat, Nature’s Path is rooted in sustainability offering reusable packaging and aiming for zero waste, a neutral carbon footprint and more. You can read all about their sustainability efforts here. We devour the Berry Strawberry Toaster Pastries in this house!
  1. When snacks aren’t pre-packaged these Nordic by Nature reusable and dishwasher safe snack bags are the best! The inside layer is food-safe and toxin free. I love knowing we’re doing a small part in reducing the consumption of plastic bags while we enjoy our carrots, apples, and homemade granola bars on the go.
  1. Our home has the rule of one cup a day. Water is saved by running the dishwasher less and our Elk Stainless Steel Cups mean the surface won’t absorb food or germs. Every parent knows the power of a good straw stopper and I love that this set comes with lids that make this cup double as a snack cup on the go!

For those times when more containers are needed Compostable Snack Bags and glass food storage jars are a must in your kitchen. Doing what you can feels good, doesn’t it?

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