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Reasons to Hope: Starting the Summer with Hope

Ohio family. Photo: Kate Tucker

Summer is in full swing and we are feeling it, as we leave our homes for new adventures, the vacations we didn’t get to take last year, the open road unexplored. Here we go. Finally. And what better time to reemerge than now? 

A couple weeks ago on Reasons to Hope IG Live, we talked with Brittany Comins about her family’s goal to visit every National Park, and what treasures our parks offer us no matter where we live, all across the country. We’ve been exploring our National Parks over at our sister publication, Garden & Health, and we invite you to join us this summer in finding your own special park. 

Travel is a luxury, requiring not only cash, but time, energy, good health, freedom, “food, water, and shelter,” as Brittany Comins shared from her experience hiking the Appalachian Trail. But there’s always a way to adventure and we can learn a lot from Brittany’s elemental approach. Awe and wonder await us beneath the bows of a maple tree. We can journey across the world simply by listening to the stories of a family member, a neighbor, or a friend. What deep rich experience do we each carry so uniquely? We can travel miles without moving an inch, by virtue of our own loving attention. 

My favorite tree, with dear friends on a swing my brother built to surprise my sister on her wedding day. Photo: Kate Tucker

But when we do get to venture forth, like I have been this past week, out on the road in New England meeting some incredibly kind and hard working Americans, it’s a gift. And I’m so grateful. We’ll be sharing photos and even joining you live from the road on Reasons to Hope and we can’t wait to share the adventure! 

We’d love to hear where you’re going this summer, whether down the street to your local park or to the ends of the earth. Post a pic, drop a comment with the hashtag #reasonstohope and join us Monday at 3pm ET on @rootandvinenews IG Live to share the excitement. 

My nephew always knows which way to go. Photo: Joanna Tucker

Writing the Book of Hope 

We’ve been writing the Book of Hope together for 25 weeks now, but it’s never too late to join us! Here’s all you need to get started.

Join us every Monday on Instagram Live at 3pm ET and share what’s giving you Reasons to Hope today with the hashtag #reasonstohope

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