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Simple Earth-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the sweetest days of the year, a day to share our love and affection with friends, family, significant others, classmates, and more. If this love-filled holiday snuck up on you this year, here are some great, last-minute, and simple ways you can show someone you care for him or her, while also caring for Creation.

Replace Cut Flowers with Potted

Eco-friendly plant gifts. Credit: Lively Root

If your sweetheart is sweet on all things bright and blooming, swap out the cut flowers for a houseplant or perennial your loved one can nurture until it’s time to plant outdoors. Not only will your blossoms keep longer than cut flowers, houseplants have been proven to improve mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress, improve focus, boost healing and pain tolerance, and improve air quality. These benefits can subsequently minimize headaches, ease dry skin, and reduce respiratory ailments. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole season through!

Herbalize Your Valentine

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like house plants and fresh herbs to spice up your home and recipes. So, why not let them spice up your love life? Most grocery stores or area nurseries offer plant and herb starts so you can customize you space and kitchen countertop spices, or keep it simple with pre-planted miniature herb gardens filled with oregano, basil, parsley, mint, and more.

Eco-Friendly Gadget Lovers

Seltzers are all the rage right now. If your loved one loves bubbly, consider investing in a home seltzer maker to replace store-bought, single-use bottles and cans of seltzer water. SodaStream seltzer makers eliminate over 1,000 plastic bottles for every single reusable SodaStream bottle.

Chocolates with a Mission

Who doesn’t savor a delicious morsel of dark chocolate? You can satisfy that craving for your loved one while knowing the laborers on the other end of the cacao tree are treated fairly by looking for fair trade brands of chocolate in your grocery aisle. The Good Trade offers up 11 brands of fair-trade chocolate to meet your mission. Among those on the list are Endangered Species Chocolate, which donates 10 percent of profits to partner organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation and humanitarian efforts, and Alter Eco Foods, a certified Fair Trade, non-GMO and organic chocolatier that also uses compostable packaging, and offsets carbon emissions by planting trees within their supply chain.

Squeaky Clean Spa Gifts

Pacha Soap Co. offers soaps for all sorts of bathers, from the tough men in your life to the tiny tots blowing bubbles in your tub. Plus, they are a manufacturer on a mission: every purchase from Pacha Soaps supports transparent and ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education, and small business opportunities worldwide.

Give Your (Seed) Heart Away

DIY Recycled Valentines Seed Cards with Flower Paper Hearts. Credit: Meghan Cooper

Love can grow in all shapes and sizes. Visit your local garden center to find seed packets for Forget-Me-Nots, Black-Eyed Susans and other flowers you can start from seed. This super fun and simple recycled Valentine seed cards with flower paper hearts will make a great last-minute activity to complete with your kids.

More Crafty Valentine’s for the Kiddos

Credit: Conger Design

If you open your junk drawer and scavenge around your house, you’re sure to find broken crayons, old newspapers, or paper towel tubes that could all be put to better use than collecting dust or being sent to the dump. Rediscovered Families offers a dozen different eco-friendly Valentine’s ideas to recycle up your Valentine’s fun.

Show Your Love by Making Memories

Credit: Yan Krukau

For some, the most remembered gift is the gift of time well spent. Plan an eco-friendly activity with your loved one: take a hike at a nearby park, visit a body of water, prepare a special meal at home for them (or if you enjoy cooking together, plan out a menu), play their favorite board game, or make a custom playlist to share with them. The two special ingredients are time spent planning, and time spent together.

Now go and make the most eco-friendly Valentine’s Day yet!

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