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Reasons to Hope: Signs Along the Road

As I hit the road for another adventure, I am on the lookout for hope. I know that it’s out there, hidden in the most unexpected of places. And I know I need it. I need hope to make the first move, to pack my bags and leave the home I’ve come to love so dearly in this strange time of sequestering, to venture forth and hope — that we all make it there and back, that we have what we need to accomplish what we set out to do, that we don’t miss the moment, that we’re strong enough for whatever difficulties we encounter along the way, that love indeed covers all wrong and casts out fear, like we’re promised.

Historic Capon Bridge, “Gateway to the Mountains.” Photo: Kate Tucker 

Considering my hopes for this journey, to West Virginia where my family on both sides first set down roots, I wonder if hopes aren’t just prayers and if prayers aren’t just requests and if requests aren’t just wishes. Where is the transformation? I think of the difference between hope and optimism. Optimism walks a fine line with wishful thinking. But hope — hope is actually what we need to keep going — when our wishes aren’t granted, when our dreams aren’t fulfilled, when our journey takes us somewhere we never anticipated. Hope gives us courage to go on and strength to show up for the moment, whatever it may entail. And that means hope is something far deeper and wider than any specific wish or intention. Hope is what gives us the audacity to dream in the first place. And to pray. 

So that’s pretty cool. I hope this trip is the best trip yet. And though there’s no way to know, I’m sure there will be surprise twists, missed turns, unexpected vistas opening up. And all along the way, signs of hope. 

Which way to hope? Photo: Kate Tucker 

Week 31: Look for Signs of Hope 

For week 31, join me in looking for hope, quite literally — do you see the word somewhere? Notice when people say it, written on a sign, etc…

Take a piece of chalk and write a message of hope on the sidewalk, to give a passerby reason to hope. Post your signs of hope and tag @rootandvinenews #reasonstohope

Inside the River House in Capon Bridge. Photo: Kate Tucker 

Writing the Book of Hope 

We’ve been writing the Book of Hope together for 31 weeks now, but it’s never too late to join us. Here’s all you need to get started

The Cacapon River, West Virginia. Photo: Kate Tucker

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