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Our Story Our Song Goes Behind the Scenes with MAYLYN

MAYLYN. Photo: Lisa Wolfe

“Well my faith is everything.” MAYLYN is practically beaming as she confesses, “I can’t talk about my relationship with music without talking about faith. One does not exist without the other for me.” The 25-year old songwriter’s excitement is as contagious as her dreamy pop melodies still swirling around in our heads weeks after her Our Story Our Song debut. With youthful exuberance uniquely grounded in old soul perspective, MAYLYN truly shines.

We talked about a whole lot more with MAYLYN than could be shared in one episode so we’re taking you behind the scenes, on location for Our Story Our Song.

MAYLYN on location for Our Story Our Song. Photo: Kates Snyder

What came first, faith or music? 

I can’t remember when my faith began. It’s always just existed. I grew up in a Christian home, a very loving home. As I grew older, I realized I had a desire for music, but I didn’t even know I could sing at that point.

Favorite part of being an artist? 

I love taking the idea that I had in my head and getting it out on paper, but then sharing it. For so long, I would think of melodies and I would be too shy to share them with someone. The moment when you can translate that to someone else — I don’t think there’s anything like it. 

One question you wish you knew the answer to? 

I would love to know — and one day we’ll find out — but I want to know if dogs go to heaven. This is very important to me. 

Enneagram type?

Oh my gosh, I love the Enneagram! I’m a seven, and very much so to a tee. I am extremely outgoing. I start projects, but I can’t finish them. Basically, I am your definition of a seven.

It’s a wrap! Video: Kates Snyder

Mountains or ocean?

If I had to pick between being a mountain girl and an ocean girl, I would try to argue on both, but I guess it’s the ocean. The thing I love most about going to the beach is seeing the bigness of it. When you’re standing there, and you can see so far, it obviously makes you feel really small. But it reminds me that this was my God’s thought. And it’s a huge thought. It makes you realize that if he can have a thought that that big and that all-powerful, maybe it’s okay, maybe I can trust him a bit more than I am in this moment.

Childhood memory of nature still with you today?

Growing up my grandfather would say, “every time you see a red bird or a cardinal, blow a kiss and make a wish.” For that reason, I was trained to see red birds since I was tiny. Somewhere along the way, I’ve associated it with my reminder of God. There’s been times when I’ve just needed a nod from God, and I’ll see a red bird without fail every time. It was cool because today as I was driving out here, I saw three little red birds swoop in front of my car. It’s just tiny reminders, that he’s absolutely here. He’s absolutely going with me and I’m supposed to be here with you.

One verse that you hold close to your heart? 

Romans 8:28, ‘… all things work together for good to those who love God, … who are called according to His purpose.’ 

My parents got divorced when I was seven or eight. When you’re so young like that, I think your parents are surprised when you know stuff. I remember my dad sitting on the bed with me, trying to break it to me that they were gonna get a divorce and he looked so upset, he looked hopeless. I remember him just saying, ‘I don’t know how things are gonna turn out,’ and I remember going, ‘Oh, but this is for our good.’” 

I just remember him being shocked. When you have childlike faith, it’s easy. I’m like, ‘God said these things are for our good, right dad?’ And if that had not happened, if my parents had not gotten a divorce, I wouldn’t be here today, I wouldn’t know you guys, my whole life would have been different. That’s just the first example of when that verse became extremely important to me. It always has been since.

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MAYLYN and the crew behind it all, on location for Our Story Our Song. Photo: Kates Snyder

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