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Only Treats, No Tricks with Creative Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Image: Mark Duffel

That gooey, caramel center, around a crunchy cookie middle, all topped with chocolate… that’s what I look forward to fishing out of my son’s Halloween candy haul for the next few weeks. And while it’s hard to believe that candy isn’t every person’s favorite, it happens to be true and I happen to know a few!

Even though there are a few special trick-or-treaters who don’t enjoy the mini candies that inundate our homes each year, there are other reasons to skip the traditional big bag options. As the mom of a child who had severe food allergies, I know what it’s like to be unsure how – or if – your child can participate in the night. A teal pumpkin signals that the treats on that porch are allergy-friendly. (Still always look at ingredients, though!) Although we no longer deal with food allergies, I want to provide alternatives for families that do, or simply to encourage a bit of creativity! 

Here we provide all treats – no tricks – to consider giving out to some little ghosts and goblins, instead of the same old, same old, this year! Snap a picture and send it to us if you, like me, are going to find an alternative.

Seed Packets

A fun idea so that trick-or-treaters can see their “treat” all year round! Seedlings start in the winter indoors, so kids can go through the process of understanding and help steward creation, seeing it come to life before their eyes. Use the opportunity to teach about soil, feeding plants, and how important what they’re growing is for the environment. Come spring, transfer it together to a pot they can care for themselves!


I don’t know about you, but I loved that special, sweet, age bracket where stickers were just the best thing ever even though I found them on car windows. Mirrors. Walls. Books. Furniture. Important tax papers…

And while those type of stickers are usually only for younger kids, check out these big packets of water bottle vinyl stickers that are for all ages. Tweens and teens love decorating their tumblers, and will love these fun and funky stickers too! And hey, a bonus is that making that water bottle spiffy encourages ditching the waste of a plastic bottle!

Mini Pumpkins

Who doesn’t love the precious mini pumpkins and gourds that start showing up at the grocery store at the end of September? They scream fall, sweater season, and Halloween – almost a big sign that “IT’S FINALLY HERE!” They go on sale close to Halloween usually and what a fun little individual treat to give out. Look up crafts with gourds and pumpkins and you’ll find ways to dry them to make shakers, and some great stencils to make silly paintings and sculptures. Print out the project ideas on small pieces of paper, and send it home with their gourd. A unique way to share God’s creation and encourage creativity. 

Watercolor Sets

Any art or craft product can be a hit with kids of all ages. Searching for “bulk” in front of crayons, color pencils, or markers will come up with economical options that are fun and look cute in your porch bowl.  

But these build water color palettes are adorable and will surely excite the young artist in many. 

Coloring Books 

Speaking of crayons and color pencils, why not continue on the creativity path and gift small coloring books as an option for the under five years old crowd. They’ll get to choose the character or topic of their own coloring book, and maybe just make some fun pictures to give away at the upcoming holidays.

Glow Sticks and Glow Bugs

Do I want to accidentally run into a glowing toy cockroach or spider in my house? No, no I don’t. BUT, kids of all ages seem to love anything that glows. Here we’ve linked some glow and sparkle sticks that can be fun in the dark house to house trek, and a fun twist – glow bugs in every icky and spooky form!

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