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Jimi Cravity Plants Seeds of Hope on Our Story Our Song

Jim Cravity

Light droplets of dew lay upon the ground creating a shimmer of light as Jimi Cravity makes his way to a small clearing in a meadow where we will be filming. You can feel the sincerity as he looks in awe, a pause of quiet reflection at the small wild flowers next to us before sharing how he began saving seeds as a stewardship practice.

“There’s a farmers market in Santa Monica Wednesdays and Saturdays, there’s a great guy there named Jimmy Williams who wrote an incredible book about seeds. It’s called ‘From Seed to Skillet’. I took a tomato from him and grew it, saved the seeds, right? I saved it for about eight years. I planted the seed this past summer. I took one tomato off of it. Wasn’t a great tomato. It wasn’t like wow, this is the biggest tomato I’ve ever seen. I took it and I took the seeds out of it. From that one tomato, I took 315 seeds, one tomato. And you think about a plant and how many pounds of tomatoes it produces throughout the year. It’s just such a huge picture of increase … I think about faith and how Christ said to us, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, so potent, you know … I think is so literal, you know, how we can be stewards of the Earth, how we can sequester carbon, how we can help the environment, how we can replenish the Earth. We’re taking responsibility with seeds, growing our own food, there is such a beauty in that, that I’ve found really remarkable. I’ve been thinking about that. This idea that everything is a seed, we started off as seeds, all these plants here started off as seeds. And I think, a part of, you know, surrendering your life to Christ, is following him by following his way.”

Jimi Cravity is a gifted writer, amateur botanist and seed collector. The RIAA certified Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader has over 184M views and writing credits with a diverse mix of artists. Cravity lives his faith not just in his words and songs, it permeates his actions. 

“One principle that I’ve tried to live my life through is whatever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God. And I’ve tried to embody that throughout my life creatively,” he shares. 

Few artists create work that arms us for the battles of life. Songs that have an underlying grit, determination, perseverance and unwavering confidence in the timing of God’s plans. Songs that without explanation, feel as though generations past are as present as the sounds that clearly resonate in today’s world. It’s a unique space. A heart space. A space where grace speaks.

Cravity rests in that space in his latest release, “I think in a room of 500 or 1000 people, someone is experiencing the pinnacle of life, everything is going amazing. You know, they’ve had that great job, they’ve had that great profit, they’ve had that child that they wanted for, they bought a new house, got the dream car, everything is going well. And in the same room, everything is going terribly wrong for someone. They’ve got that diagnosis that they didn’t want. They’re experiencing Mother’s Day for the first time without their mom, Christmas without their dad, you know, they just got fired from their job. And I think there is a beauty in what God has instructed us there. He said [James 1:9-12], let the rich man exalt in his humiliation, because in Christ, he’s been brought low. Even all of the triumphs of the world is lower when we’re in Christ. And it says, let the poor man exhort in his exhortation because even in that state, in Christ, he’s been brought higher.”

He continues “No matter what God is with us, and if God is with us, we have everything that we need.”

On Our Story Our Song Cravity takes us on a walk in the Great Outdoors and invites us to consider the vastness and wonder of what can come from the seeds of faith. He performs live among rustling leaves in a morning of worship surrounded by Creation seemingly untouched by anything other than our Creator. Subscribe, like, and comment for more behind the scenes exclusives. 


The Last Amen 

Jimi Cravity/Matt Redman/Quintin Trotter 

© SESAC/A Popular Muse/Integrity Music 

Battle & Blessing 

Jimi Cravity/Matt Redman/Quintin Trotter

© SESAC/A Popular Muse/Integrity Music

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