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Hope is My Middle Name is a brand new podcast from Consensus Digital Media hosted by me, Kate Tucker. Hope is my middle name too and I’ve been thinking about it for as long as I can remember. Hope is elusive, magical, gritty, necessary, confounding, divine, practical, free. To be American is to be hopeful. Our country was founded on it, on the idea that we could come together in spite of our differences, innovate, grow; make the world a better, more beautiful place for everyone. 

You can follow us on Spotify. We’re a brand new podcast and your voice makes a huge difference. 

So on Hope is My Middle Name, we’re striking out across the country, in search of hope. We’re bringing you the voices behind the stories we share at Consensus, along with people I’ve met touring the United States, singing songs, looking for reasons to hope

Episode 1 – Brittany Comins Hikes Her Way to Healing 

For episode one, we talk with through hiker and marathon runner Brittany Comins about scaling a mountain of grief to find gratitude on the other side. Read more of Brittany’s story on Root & Vine

A Community of Hope 

Hope Is My Middle Name is more than a podcast, it’s a community. We want to know what’s giving you reasons to hope today. 

Post on your socials with the hashtag #reasonstohope and subscribe, rate and review Hope Is My Middle Name on Apple Podcasts.

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