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His Kids Company: Faith and Fun for the Whole Family

Photo courtesy of His Kids Company

Scrolling through Instagram’s colorful market of faith-based kids products, it’s easy to assume that the story of the families on those accounts are much like the perfect pictures you see. But behind every business, are real people who make it work. In the case of His Kids Company, the founder and owner, Megan, is as real as they come. She opened up to Root and Vine about starting His Kids Company, the journey her family has been on, and how her own faith has grown along the way.  

Faith was not in Megan’s upbringing nor was she familiar with Christianity growing up. While resistant to Chrsitianity at first, she eventually began to see God working in all aspects of her adult life, which is where her journey of faith began. 

As a young mom, she found herself looking for products for her home containing verses and content that would encourage not only her, but her entire family. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit engrained from her upbringing, and a husband who had his own business as well, Megan decided the best way to find what she was looking for was to create it herself.

With hard work and dedication, Megan launched His Kids Company and watched her business grow exponentially. Her motivation is now rooted in her faith, “I want to shine a light in the world. The world needs more Jesus everywhere.” His Kids Company is meeting parents where they’re at — on social media,  where their following has grown of late. In their Instagram stories, Megan is relatable and honest. Her authenticity has  encouraged other moms that they too can participate in guiding their kids toward God, even if they did not grow up in faith-based homes themselves. 

His Kids Company offers shirts, sweatshirts, placemats, reusable coloring sheets, and books that serve as reminders to weave faith throughout our days. “When my son gets dressed in the morning we read the verse he’s wearing and talk about it. At meal time we’re able to talk about a verse again by using our products,” Megan told us, while adding, “I love the reactions we get when we’re out and about and someone reads the kids shirts. People tend to light up when they realize what the verse really says.”  

Learning scripture with her son was something new for Megan, and she continues to learn alongside her children to this day. “I was so overwhelmed as a new Christian and was memorizing scripture right along with my son! These products made it a little more fun,” Megan explained. As a busy small business owner, mom, and wife, she and her husband are constantly trying to find innovative ways to build a faith foundation with their children. On car rides to and from school they memorize scripture, at home they play games of memorization and write verses on their family blackboard. 

While His Kids Company products make wonderful gifts, an added bonus is the sustainability of their products. The reusable coloring book is perfect for on-the-go coloring as it can simply be wiped down to start over and is less bulky than a standard paper coloring book. Coloring placements, one of their more popular items, are meant to be used over and over again, washed easily with just cold water. The Be Brave zipped hoodies are Megan’s personal favorite while many buyers love the names of God placemats. His Kids products are not only excellent reminders for kids, but for parents as well. In a time when we could all use a lot of hope and spread joy, a small business that helps instill these values is priceless. 

The Jenkins Family. Photo courtesy of Megan Jenkins.

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