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Guilt-Free House Cleaning – Safe for the Whole Family!

More time at home for me and the kids means they’re chipping in around the house more!  As if I needed more reasons to turn to cleaner products, knowing my kids can use them worry-free is a big one for me!  If more earth-friendly options aren’t already in your home, here are four we love and recommend.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s the marks on the stainless steel fridge.  While looking for a cleaner option I found Better Life’s Stainless Steel polish.  I sprayed my entire fridge then used a microfiber cloth to wipe clean.  I recommend using a second clean and dry cloth after your first one to get any remaining spots and wipe the surface dry.  My fridge looks brand new and with Better Life I didn’t have to compromise by using something with harsh chemicals.  Not only do I love how well the product works, it’s packaged using solar energy and recyclable materials that biodegrade!  I’ve used it on my cooktop as well and love how it fought stuck on food and grime!

Did you know your toilet can be clean without turning blue?! Of all the toilet cleaners I’ve tried I love the Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  The liquid is clear and the scent is fresh without being overpowering.  All those pink lines came off without any problem and the product is safe enough for me to let my kids do the job themselves. This cleaner is a USDA Certified Biobased Product meaning it’s made from renewable resources composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients!

Cleaning the kitchen up at night isn’t ever a job I look forward to, but a nicely scented cleaner always helps.  This Casabella Infuse Multisurface Lavender Lemon cleaner is a fun new addition under my sink.  The product simply uses water from my tap and a small cartridge containing toxic free, biodegradable cleaning concentrate.  When this one runs out I simply buy a refill cartridge and can reuse the spray bottle reducing waste!  Glass and bathroom cleaners along with mops and other cleaning tools are also available from this company!

Having been afforded more time these days I turned to clean the floor of our pantry! This was a job beyond what the vacuum could handle so I turned to the Art of Green cleaning wipes.  These wipes are 98% naturally derived and foamed a bit while I scrubbed the tile! These wipes are safe on sensitive skin which makes me feel good for the times I don’t wear gloves.  These are now housed in my kid’s bathroom to make for an easy clean of the countertops after toothpaste has sat for far too long!

Have you switched to cleaner products?  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  I’ve used earth friendly dish soap for a while like this Seventh Generation one and this NBD Dish Soap.  Clean detergent is another area where you’ll find it feels good to not be seeing blue along with a more natural glass cleaner like this one from Method.  

Make some changes in your home.  It doesn’t have to happen overnight but a few baby steps will result in great results not just for your home, but for the Earth too!

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