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God Does It Better With Maple Syrup and Our Hearts

Have you ever awoken and hoped that this day would be just what you expected? Not too hot or not too warm. Little if any wind. Humidity level in the comfort zone. Hoping for no conflicts with others and to be treated fairly and with respect.

It doesn’t sound like too much to ask, but the fact that we are asking is indicative that it occurs much less than we would like. Asking such questions could indicate several aspects of how we’re living. Perhaps there is a lack of contentment. We are not totally pleased with our circumstances or our place in the cosmological scheme of things. Perhaps behind the desire for a “perfect” day is the desire for a perfect you. Feeding this sense of discontent is the bombardment of ads telling us everything from not looking young enough to not having the right car to fit our “personality.”

What if there is a better way?  God has ways of reminding us of just how precious we are and there is abundant joy as we discover that we are basking in the Divine Presence every day.  

I have been blessed with the opportunity to make my own maple syrup. It is not for sale. We give it away as gifts and mainly it is for our grandchildren who pour it on everything.

Image: 17901 Images

One morning as I prepared to once again cook the tasteless sap into luscious syrup I found myself a bit weary and hoping that this day would be one of great fulfillment of my expectations. The day was dark and a bit chilly and did not hold much promise. Then as I looked to the east the light of a new day was beginning to show itself and there it was: a beautiful crescent moon.

For whatever reason I am fascinated with the crescent phase of the moon and on this morning the God of Creation exceeded any expectation I may have imagined. I started the fire and as the sun rose I prepared for a long day of cooking. I heard a woodpecker over in the woods looking for a breakfast fit for—a woodpecker. Once again God’s creatures were giving glorious indications of divine order and sustenance which again were unexpected.

A spotted woodpecker. Image: Semyon Borisov

Then the song of the north wind could be heard in the wind chimes. It was a beautiful concert that was a totally pleasant surprise. The red-winged blackbird added his part to the performance and my awareness of the beauty and divinity all around us grew, despite the bland bare trees and the brownish grass. 

I did not expect any of the beauty that surrounded me. It was all a divine gift.  The question that arose in my mind is… how do I fit into all this beauty? In the creation account we are the image of God. In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians we are God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good things. Perhaps the good things that God gives each of us to accomplish are what God can use to enhance the expectations of those with whom we come in contact each day.

My expectations on this spring day were exceeded ten-fold by the One who loves and cares for us and in ways we never imagine.  So, be aware of the sounds and sights of Divine Glory that surround us all.  God really does it better.  

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