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Emily Ann Roberts Talks Faith and Daring to Dream on Our Story Our Song

Spending an afternoon with Emily Ann Roberts refreshes like a fresh glass of front porch lemonade on a perfect warm summer day in the country. The fresh mountain air is in her bones. There’s no doubt about it. Somehow you feel yourself slowing the hectic pace of the day like you are there as she was growing up in the Great Appalachian Valley of East Tennessee, it’s influence is pure as the river streams of the blue ridged landscape she drifts to when talking about her hometown. 

In 2015, Emily Ann became a finalist on Season 9 of the Voice at the age of 17. “It started with a simple video of a little girl singing about a heart and life changed by Christ on YouTube,” she shares, referring to the call she received from the producers of the television show after seeing a video of her singing a cover of Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water.” 

The country traditionalist, who Rolling Stone recently included in their Top 20 acts of CMA Fest, is a dreamer, appropriately naming her debut EP “Someday Dreams.”  These days the newly wed is learning to balance home life and chasing dreams, sharing her faith as the central point of it all. 

Her newest song, “The Building” shares the crucial role that her home church plays in her life. “It’s my story. It talks about my great grandfather who was the pastor back in 1942, my grandmother who served as the church secretary and my parents that met there.” 

Emily invites us to spend an afternoon with her in nature where she sings on the best stage there is, surrounded by Creation. The melodies of the birds floating through the air in accompaniment. She joins Our Story Our Song with down home, stomp your boots, personal lyrics that can’t help but touch the soul. 

Our Story Our Song traces the roots of our stories through the beauty of our lands to the place where we connect, the place we call home. From back porches to basement churches, barn lofts to bonfires, we gather round the music — performed live, straight from the heart. Filmed under a cathedral of sky on a vibrant summer day on a remote farm seemingly untouched by anything other than the Creator. 

OUR STORY OUR SONG presents Emily Ann Roberts performing “Whole Lotta Little,” “Change My Tune,” and “The Building.” Subscribe, like, and comment for more behind the scenes exclusives. 


Emily Ann Roberts, Torey Harding 


The Building  (ID: 710745786)

Emily Ann Roberts, Michael Farren

©  Emily Ann Music, Songs of Starstruck, Farren Love and War Publishing, Curb Congregation Songs

Whole Lotta Little (ID: 555033)

Emily Ann Roberts, Trent Willmon, Jeremy Spillman

©  Emily Ann Music, Songs of Starstruck, Happy Cattle Music, Calhoun Enterprises, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp / Songs of Freetown / Songs of Harpeth Valley

Change My Tune  (ID: 58928317)

Emily Ann Roberts, Jeremy Crady, Simon Reid

 © Emily Ann Music, Songs of Starstruck, Running Bird Music, Critter City Music, Simon Reid Music Publishing

Produced by Consensus Digital Media

Directed by Absorb

  • Executive Producer – Conor Gaughan
  • Producer – Jessica Patterson
  • Onsite Producer – Jared Sparkman 
  • Director –  Owen Thomas 
  • Camera Operator – Palmer Durr
  • Camera Operator – Tanner Halbig
  • Drone Operator & Camera Operator- Tayler Blythe
  • Sound Engineer – Tommy Carnes
  • Mix Engineer – Kelson Camp
  • Production Coordinator – Brianna Aragon
  • Production/Social Media Assistant – Austin Lanning
  • Hair & Make-up – Cory Burket

Special thanks to Idyll on the River Farm, Kate Tucker, Stacey Chamberlin and Alex Blance. 

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