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Chip and Jo are Back: Our Favorite New Shows on Magnolia Network

Andrew Zimmern host of Family Dinner on Magnolia Network

“Fixing Up” Magnolia Network, a discovery+ Network from Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines are bringing their authentic selves back to TV in a BIG way this year by launching a new network and bringing along a whole set of friends with hearts and minds aligned to the same mission they’ve been inspiring us with for almost seven years. 

The power(tool) couple themselves return to renovations later this month in their show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, but the fun has already started, with Joanna’s new cooking show, Magnolia Table

Kitchen Envy in Joanna Gaines’ Cooking Show

Magnolia Table is less of a cooking tutorial and more like an open invitation to hang out with your bff in her kitchen for a while. Just this sneak peek makes me want to call my daughter up from her basement lair to start baking savory scones. 

I may have just preheated the oven.

The food is tantalizing, sure, but who doesn’t long for the comforts of cooking meals with loved ones right now? It’s what drove us all to bake bread in the spring, and, admit it, to make 50 dozen cookies for just your household to consume in December. Joanna is a joyful, familiar face I’m perhaps far too eager to welcome back into my living room.

Risk Takers, Course Changers, Dreamers, Storytellers

Magnolia Table began airing on discovery+ January 4, but that’s not the only feature you don’t want to miss. You can catch trailers and sneak peeks for more than 10 shows that will be part of Chip and Joanna’s new network when it launches later this year. 

The Magnolia Network will be the home of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Magnolia Table, as well as shows starring interior designers and entrepreneurs who all meet the brand’s identity statement, “We are — risk takers, course changers, path makers, creators, dreamers, storytellers.”

As a fellow dreamer and storyteller, here’s a few of the shows I expect to binge watch (and maybe binge eat along to) this year:

Family Dinner

The food we consume around the table tells a story about who we are and where we come from. Family Dinner’s host Andrew Zimmern travels across America to explore the broad variety of cultural influences that shape what and how we eat as a family. I love to eat, you love to eat, so why not find out what we all love to eat? Andrew Zimmern has devoted his life to exploring and promoting cultural acceptance and understanding through food. Learn More >>

Growing Floret

As someone who absolutely adores flowers, this show captured my attention, with a preview that made this midwestern winter gal yearn for summer. Growing Floret follows Erin and Chris Benzakein’s dream of growing their budding (See what I did there?) flower farm from two acres to over twenty. Since 2008, Erin and Chris Benzakein have nurtured Floret into a business that both cultivates natural beauty and educates flower enthusiasts. Learn More >>


There’s nothing like eating the fruit from the seeds you sowed to make you appreciate Creation’s many gifts. In the new series, Homegrown, Atlanta-based urban farmer, Jamila Norman, helps families transform their backyards into abundant produce sections, ready to be harvested. “Connecting with the land and sharing it with my community is my greatest passion,” says Jamila. “Anyone can be a backyard farmer.” It’s true, and I can’t wait to watch Jamila spread that passion with others in her community. Learn More >>

With these and more new voices joining Chip and Joanna, the Magnolia Network is sure to attract at least one new viewer (ah hem, me), and inspire a whole new audience of makers, creators, dreamers, and storytellers. 

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