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Reasons to Hope: Blessings for All Kinds of Moms

It can be hard to come up with just the right words for Mom sometimes. Being a mom comes with different kinds of blessings depending on the season of life you’re in. Here are several blessings for moms of all kinds, inspired by women in the Bible, to help you put into words what the Mom in your life means to you.

Blessing for New Moms

Image: Gigi Krishnan

Blessed are you, sweet daughter of Eve, who has just experienced the glory and gift of creation itself. With God you have brought new life into this world, and it is very good. Every day before this was a countdown to your child’s birth. Every day forward will be tallies of new wonders. Bless your sleepless nights, bless your cycle of feedings and burpings and diapers, bless your just making it through to the next day, bless the dozen daily sacrifices you are making and will make this day unto the end of the age.

Blessing for Teen Moms

Blessed are you, brave daughter of Mary, who chose the wonder of the unplanned and uncertain future to carry a child. The world would have had you abandon that hope, but you’ve seen the long blessing of life, made that sacrifice, and birthed springs of hope in the wilderness. Bless your night classes, your homework and housework, your drive to make a life and a future for the love you’ve delivered, even if the path looks different than what you thought it would, bless it. This path is hard, and good, and holy, and you are strong, and brave, and good.

Blessing for Single Moms

Blessed are you, weary daughter of Mary, who carries the double burden of providing without a partner to help shoulder the load. No one sees all of your labor, your tears, your exhaustion, your fears, but the Lord sees. Bless your double shifts and rushed meals, bless your pouring out for the people in your house, bless your tireless running, bless your making-it-work, bless your it-takes-a-village, bless your perseverance, and bless your raising up of sons and daughters who see you, too, and bless you for your strength, your outpouring mercy, your love.

Blessing for Moms of Littles

Blessed are you, busy daughter of Leah, who pushes a double stroller and wears a baby across your torso, who endures long hours of Dora the Explorer, who feeds one a bottle and another Cheerios. The hour is coming when you will again be able to have an adult conversation. It might not feel like it, but the love you are pouring into these little people is laying a foundation of safety and security their entire future will be built upon. Your toddlers and preschoolers and newborns will someday see your work, and call you blessed among women. 

Blessing for Moms of Teenagers

Blessed are you, anxious daughter of Mary, who spends most of this age waiting for the next crisis, who stays up late to see headlights turn—finally—into the drive, who just wants to be included in their unfolding story. You are the carrier of the long-view in their lives, the bearer of hope for the future in light of what feels like the end of the world. Bless your taxiing to every single blessed sporting event and last-minute run to Walmart for the right color shirt, bless your unabashed pride for these people you made, bless just being there with a word and a prayer.

Blessing for Adoptive Moms

Image: Foto_Phanatic

Blessed are you, merciful daughter of the Pharaoh’s daughter, who raises a child that came from another womb. You’ve made room in your heart. Bless your worrying over their story and bless your honoring their story while wanting to be a part of their story. Bless your patience with all those strangers and friends who say he/she looks just like you. Bless your motherly bond. You have chosen to love, chosen to pour yourself out for someone other than your blood. You have called them yours, an adopted child of God. Bless you.

Blessing for Birth Moms

Blessed are you, faithful daughter of Hannah, who prepared a gift from God for nine months to be given to another for a lifetime of blessings. You have handed over a part of your heart to bless someone else’s life with new life. Bless your bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh sharing of yourself. Bless your making a way for nine months of your life, interrupted, when you could have put your own world first. Bless your gift. Bless your sacrifice. You are the mother of their nature, giving over to another mother to nurture. Bless you.

Blessing for Moms of Lost Babies

Blessed are you, mourning daughter of Bathsheba, who aches with fullness emptied out. God sees the grief of the future you hoped for, gone, and weeps with you. Yours is a blessing straight from the Lord, for blessed are those who mourn. Bless your tears. Bless your solitary walk. Bless you through every blessed baby shower and birth announcement and rejoicing with those who rejoice, and bless the silent nights when only God sees you weep. Bless your waking up and walking the walk, through your grief, into your hope for new mornings shed of this mourning. Bless your carrying on, dear one. 

Blessing for Long Awaited Moms

Blessed are you, exuberant daughter of Sarah, who waited and waited and waited for the promised blessing of a child, who prayed and cried and longed for positive pregnancy tests, who paid dearly in dollars and hours and tears. You have hoped for the desire of your heart to be realized and now it has. Blessed are you among women. Bless your savoring every sacred second of maddening infancy, of terrible twos and terrible-r threes, for you count it all joy. The countdown to new life is over; the memories to be made here forward are set to outnumber the stars.

Blessing for Mothers in Christ

Blessed are you, wise daughter of Deborah, who sees the children of God around her and wraps her holy arms around them. You go out of your way to shower the love of God on others. Bless your words of wisdom and discernment, bless your walking in Christ’s steps to be the light of Christ for others, bless your meeting for coffee tomorrow morning for a quick chat and picking up the lunch tab last week, bless your text to ask how it’s going… no, how are you, really, bless your open door, your open calendar, your open heart.

Blessing for Mothers-in-Law

Blessed are you, loyal daughter of Naomi, who has claimed your grown child’s partner as your own son or daughter. You have doubled your capacity for love and surrendered your dominion to another. Bless your grace for differences of opinions on raising children and how clean the house should be. Bless the space you make for The Other Side of the Family, bless your generosity to share holidays and Sunday supper and summer vacations, bless your reaching out, your opening up, your gift of welcome, mercy, and joy.

Blessing for New Grandmas

Grandma with her daughter and granddaughter. Image: Family Image

Blessed are you, joyful daughter of Naomi, who could never imagine having more love to give after her own children were grown, until now. Your cup overflows. Bless the hours of staring at your grandchildren’s fingers and toes, bless your making a meal, bless your just stopping by to let a mama rest, bless every extra Target purchase of just one more cute outfit the baby had to have, bless your earned patience, your long vision, your soothing support. Bless your arms and your lap, the safe places your grandchildren nestle now, and will, far into the future.

Blessing for Grandmas Raising Their Grandkids

Blessed are you, gracious daughter of Lois, who has opened your home, again, to homework routines, mountains of dirty jeans, and living room broken figurines. This is why we can’t have nice things! Bless these beautiful things. You are making a way through a familiar wilderness with newfound grace and heartbroken tenderness. Bless this unexpected road. Bless your holding it all together. Bless everything you thought you’d never have to do again. Bless exponentially your love poured out for yet another generation. You are a blessing for generations.

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