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Behind the Scenes with Jenn Bostic on Our Story Our Song 

Jenn Bostic is a writers’ writer. She speaks from the heart and her voice rings with strength and courage. She unapologetically lifts up praises because in her own lyrics she’s “too grateful to stay silent.” Her lyrics demonstrate a willingness to look pain in the eye and sing of joy in spite of it. From “Jealous of the Angels” to “Leave it at the Cross” and her brand new record, You Find A Way, Jenn crafts songs like stories we all know, full of heart.

We had a beautiful conversation with Jenn while filming Our Story Our Song, and because we can’t fit it all into one episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes. Catch the full episode at and be sure to subscribe, like and comment for more live music. 

Tell us about your new album You Find a Way. What is the story behind it?

“You Find a Way” is my brand new album and it is a collaboration with my dear friend and mentor Lauren Christy. The two of us just wanted to create something that honored God, that was something we would love the music, you know? To do something that we’re making and listening to, and just something that we kind of needed in our own homes. And we got to process through a lot of tough questions. And most of the writing sessions started with just great conversation that really helped to grow our faith and all the other collaborators as well. And the album I really just hope allows people to kind of feel God’s love. And I think the title track kind of says it, God always finds a way no matter how dark the season might be. You may not see it in that moment but there’s always a way, a plan, a purpose that He has. 

What is your new song “Too Grateful” about for you personally, what do you feel when you sing it?  

“Too Grateful” was the last song written for the album, the album was meant to originally come out in 2020. So everything was finished and then things happened that slowed everything down. And so we had a chance to really sit with the album and reflect on why this project was so important to us. And I think we knew but just having to name that was so important for my own heart. And when it came down to it, it was just the fact that God’s fingerprints are all over my life. And I’m literally too grateful to not sing about this. I’m too grateful to stay silent. I find myself overflowing with gratitude when incredible things happen or things work out and I know that I can’t get the credit for it. I know that it was God. I know that he moved on my behalf and not only in my own life, but when I see it in others, the lives of others. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing.

What role has faith played in your musical journey? 

My faith is all over my music, you can hear it on every single album, regardless of the genre. And really, songwriting was my therapy that helped me get through the loss of my dad when I was young. I didn’t really fully understand worship at that time, I just knew that music somehow helped me feel better. And so even the first time I sat at the piano, after losing my dad, I felt like this presence was with me. And so songs just started to come in. Sometimes they were really directed towards my faith, sometimes it was just something I was going through that I needed to get out and express. And so as I’ve evolved as an artist, I feel like I’ve gotten bolder and bolder in my faith. And as I’ve gone out on the road and toured around the world, I’ve seen God move through these songs, whether they’re, you know, considered a Christian song or not. And that, to me is just so powerful. And it’s made me really want to deep dive into singing for Him and about Him.

Music is so much of who I am. And I think now in my later years of life, you have a chance to kind of stop and think, Who am I without this? If I didn’t have a singing voice or writing talent, the ability to play an instrument? Who am I outside of that? And I think to me, that’s a bigger question. Because everything I do is wrapped up in music, and I love that and it brings me so much joy and I’m so passionate about it. I believe it’s my purpose. But I think the Lord has a really sweet way of reminding me that I’m not just music and that’s maybe been more of my focus over the last few years of trying to figure out who exactly the person is He designed me to be.

What is your favorite thing to do outside? 

Eleven and a half years ago, I married an outdoorsman, I like to say he’s a cross between one of the Duck Dynasty guys and Chuck Norris. Like, that’s literally who he looks like and he has gotten me outside even more, and we like to go kayaking on rivers and we go out in the boat and go for hikes. Being surrounded by nature and being active and just enjoying it is really special. And I’m so thankful it’s now a huge part of my marriage as well.

I love a sunset and my mom actually lives down in Florida now. I remember going through a rough time and I went down to visit her for a few days. There’s a beach pretty much across the street and I walked across the street, and stood to watch the sun go down. Every sunset is magical, but for some reason this one was really special and it just felt like this moment. Like this is exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment, in the season, in this circumstance in my life.

When I’m outside, it is such a reminder of how big God is and how detailed he is .It always, always encourages my faith.

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