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At the Museum of the Bible Adventures Abound

I remember first hearing that a museum dedicated to the Bible was coming to our city one Sunday at church, long before any red bow was cut for its grand opening. While the idea for a museum like this had never crossed my mind I was so excited to think that I lived close enough to the very place people would be traveling miles, states, and even countries from to visit this one location. A museum dedicated to the world’s bestseller! A museum that would not only hold my attention, but had a place dedicated to kids as well? A museum that talks about fashion and music and movies, all involving the Bible.

We couldn’t wait to go for the first time and by our second visit we had purchased the annual membership. From start to finish we always have a great time at the Museum of the Bible, whether my son has a new understanding of what Israel looks like thanks to the virtual tour he just went on, or if we have a better grasp of all the places the Bible is referenced around Washington, D.C. thanks to the “ride” we just took on a simulator during “Washington Revelations.”

For me, the museum is a place that I want to go back to and study at often. While you could go for the day, allow yourself time to really sit and understand what you’re reading. Go with friends, go with kids, but maybe just go by yourself.

This isn’t a place of gimmicks or replicas. There is an incredible collection of artifacts on display for all to see. When we see how the Bible comes together, that’s the moment when we become students of it and no longer lukewarm. It’s amazing what the knowledge of this book can do to your faith. Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that the word of God is alive and active. That’s not to say it’s changed, for God does not, but that His word has prevailed through time. When we go and study it you will learn something new each time. 

The museum offers a walking tour of sorts through the Old Testament with lights, sound, and amazing imagery. That part, and the New Testament, are “must do’s” on my list if you’re crunched on time when you visit. I won’t spoil anything for you, just go, walk, and listen through those great exhibits!

We always love going to see what the world would have looked like when Jesus walked it and I’m always so encouraged by the section highlighting the Bible and its impact on the world today. Be encouraged and go check out this museum during your next stay in Washington, DC.  Didn’t know it was here? Now you do. If you’re local don’t forget about special events and even concerts hosted at the museum as well.   

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