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Amazon Prime Days 2022: Stewardship with Savings

A Coway HEPA air purifier sits in a child's room

With Independence Day sales and two Prime Days this year, July is proving to be a month full of deals. This year, Prime Day will take up two days, July 12 and 13. That’s two times the opportunities to save big on home essentials. Some smart home items on sale connect to your mobile phone to make your home convenient and modern while reducing electricity use. Other discounted gardening items can help you tap into your green thumb.

Here are some easy ways to upgrade your home in a sustainable way without straining your wallet:

Smart thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat or Amazon Smart Thermostat

Image: Amazon

This product is good for the environment and good for your wallet. During the hottest months of the year, a smart home thermostat can keep you cool while saving you up to 10-15% on yearly energy bills. These smart thermostats use wifi to keep you comfortable in any weather and are programmable to your daily habits. Simple changes around the house can also help lower your bill, like closing your blinds during the day or using a ceiling fan.

Google Nest retail price: $129.99 (Prime members: $99.99)

Amazon Smart Thermostat retail price: $59.99 (Prime members: $41.99)

Kindle bundle deals

Image: Amazon

A Kindle is an entire library in the palm of your hand. By purchasing a new book online on an e-reader, you are reducing the CO2 emissions needed to make and transport a single paper book. A Kindle would be the perfect gift for any students in the family, and help them reduce their carbon footprint (making a textbook produces more than double the CO2 emissions of a regular-sized book.) If you still prefer physical copies, visit a secondhand bookstore. Or, you know, just go to the library for free.

Retail price: From $134.97 (Prime members: $67.97)

Air purifier

Image: Amazon

Amazon has partnered with Coway to provide air purifiers to fit any home’s needs. These smart air purifiers make improving your home’s air quality simple with their app-enabled smart technology. Others pair with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control. Coway air purifiers can reduce volatile organic compounds and fumes in the air, and some include a washable permanent filter to reduce buying single-use filters. This smart air purifier comes with a pollution sensor to test indoor air quality in real-time.

Retail price: $849.00 (Prime members: $437.06)

Budget pick retail price: $166.32 (Prime members: $141.37)

Smart light bulbs and switches

Image: Amazon

Never worry about lights being too bright or too dim with GE’s assortment of smart lighting products. Smart light bulbs and switches can either go off with daylight or connect to your phone so you can be sure to not waste electricity. For the kiddos, some lights are tricked out with color-changing technology with bluetooth and wifi assistance. 

C by GE Smart Switch retail price: $24.99 (Prime members: $18.69) 

GE CYNC Indoor Floodlight Light Bulbs retail price: $29.99 (Prime members: $20.21)

Garden beds

Image: Amazon

It’s not too late to grow your own veggies and herbs for this summer. Amazon is offering a bunch of deals on tools to kickstart your gardening endeavors, like this large metal garden bed planter. The planter can transform into 12 different dimensions to fit your gardening needs and features an open-ended base for growing vegetables.

Retail price: $229.00 (Prime members: $149.99)

VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter

Image: Amazon

Once you’ve begun gardening in your new metal planter, you will need a place to toss all the yard clippings and weeds. This durable compost bin makes it easy to toss food and gardening scraps and is primed with everything needed to decompose quickly. Just toss in compostable items and give it a spin every few days to see high-quality compost in just weeks. As a bonus, you can use that nutrient-filled compost to garden in your planter. The cycle continues.

Retail price: $109.99 (Prime members: $84.99)

There are many benefits for Prime members this month, and you can get in on it by starting a 30-day free trial. Prime Day deals include deals for college students, deals on drugstore brands, pet products and so much more. Just be sure to cancel your subscription before your trial ends to avoid getting charged!

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